About forum Education. Science. Business 2019

Exhibition Forum "Education. The science. Business" is organized in order to help applicants decide on their choice of education, career and professional development for the future. In important objective of the exhibition is the integration and promotion of effective interaction of three key areas - education, science and business.
Supporters and partners

  • Council of Rectors of Universities of Samara Region
  • Samara Region Ministry of Education and Science
  • The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Migration Policy of the Samara region
  • Samara City Administration  
Exhibition topics

  • higher education and second degree
  • Vocational education
  • Additional education
  • Education abroad
  • Business education
  • Language centers
  • Providing educational process
  • Textbooks
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Preschool education
  • Research and innovation

Our visitors

1. The applicants, students, adults - direct consumers of educational services.

2. Educational Community - this group includes education professionals at all levels, who will be interested in getting acquainted with the novelties of the market of educational technologies.

3. Business Community - they are representatives of companies - potential employers for graduates and at various consumers innovative development of educational institutions, consumers of educational services.

A variety of audience gives participants a rare opportunity to solve several problems at once and get the maximum effect from participation in the exhibition.


The program will include traditional events for students and parents - quests, vocational guidance, psychological training, entertainment. Business events will be organized for the educational community, where representatives of business, government and education will discuss topical issues of the functioning of the education system, issues of employability of graduates and others. It is especially planned to conduct training workshops and seminars on key aspects of the business - project management, staff motivation, sales techniques, etc.

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